Step 3 – Getting started with Viral Maliers

Earlier we talked about trafficadbar, if you have already promoted
the link, you will notice that you have earned  more points in your
trafficadbar back office. That means that more people will already s
ee your ad. Great work.

If you have waited to see ‘what tomorrow brings’ that is great also
Training part two starts here:

Viralmailprofits, some of you are already members, if not you can
join for free here:
(this is the most powerful mailing assistant you will find anywhere)

Once you have signed up, I suggest you start adding your mailers /safelists
Don´t worry, you can add up to 999 lists as a free member.

Login to Viralmailprofits, and click on “mailers”, then click on add new
and follow the instuctions.

once it or they are setup, go to “templates” and setup your ad.
(this can be any ad you like, I just use TOAN for this tutorial)

Once in Templates, click on “+ new Category” and name it “toan ad”(anything you want really, as long as you remember it).
That way, once you get the hang of it, that category easy lets you identify you
TOAN letter(s).

Next click on “+ new Subject” and enter your Subject, I have put:
“#firstname# I am advertising The Online ad Network” (Please come up with a better  subject)

In there. NOTICE #firstname#  is a TAG, that will fill in automatically in any of the
mailers you have added to ViralMailProfits. So Remember to enter the correct NAME tag when you add mailers.
most popular tags are: #FIRSTNAME#, ~fname~, ~NAME~  etc etc, you get the idea.
When you are done, Hit save!

Moving on to adding a letter body. Click on “+ New Email”

And enter you email ad. Another tag you should be aware of here is the #link# tag.
Instead of putting in an actual link in your letter body, you use the tag: #link# .
then enter your newly created “trafficadbar TOAN team link” in the box above the letter body.
You can find sample ads here:

As a team member you can use any of them, just remember to edit them, ie. with your
Name, and your details.

Any questions, let me know!

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Morten Kristensen
Internet Marketing – That works…