Step 1 – Generate easy traffic

The absolute easiest, and fastest way to start generating hits and traffic to any site,
is by using traffic exchanges (TE’s).

TE’s are actual hit/traffic swap platforms, that will let any advertiser / person,
add a link, or several links into a pool of other sites, all sites in the pool, will then rotate/show up on the screen of a the members surfing the TE.

FACT: An active TE, should have people surfing and pages rotating.

If you are new or fairly new to internet marketing, you would want to familiarize
yourself with just a few of these, and learn how to use them.

Basically they run on the same script (They are all build the same way), so signing up
with them is very easy, once you have signed up to one, you know what to do with the
rest of them.

Before you start joining TE’s: I would recommend that you open a new Email account ( is free). Since you will be getting emails from (all) the TE’s that you join, and trust me, I am a member of at least 150 TE’s, you do not want to get those emails mixed in with your personal inbox!

Now on with the startup process.
Note: You can easily meet any hit requirement by just using traffic exchanges.

I will put in the top 10 TE’s at below:

1 EasyHits4u

2 Tezak Traffic Power

3 Traffic Splash

4 Froggy Hits

5 DragonSruf

6 TrafficG

7 Hit2Hit

8 Trafficdelivers

9 Hitsafari

10 IloveHits

The above sites, all have a HUGE member base, and you are certain to reach different people, every time you do a surf session. Remember that everyone on a TE’s is looking to
advertise their program, product or website. But by showing your page as much as possible to as many as possible, you can get people interested in your offer(s).

If you have problems or need help, just send me an email.

But PLEASE, do not get disappointed or discouraged if you see little to no results! it takes time, effort and a lot of credits before your site ends up right where it should, and you can get a subscriber/sale/signup. Yes, it´s hard work, but at least you are a step closer, at meeting the hit requirements!

Along with the 5 top sites above, I would also introduce you to some of my “easy favorites”, that actually gives me tremendous results. Reason I would like you to at least consider these is because they are simply to easy to use, that it would be rather dumb not to …

First TrafficadBar while this site does have a build in Traffic exchange /ad viewer function.
It also has a very unique and effective Ad bar – hence the name trafficadbar, I guess!
By adding your link to Traffic ad bar (TAB) you will get an ad bar attached to your new link
like this:
(You will notice the red ad bar at the bottom of the above page)
When using this link in Traffic Exchanges, I earn points each time someone view it.
These points are then converted into hits, and people from TAB, start clicking on your links… So you see, twice the hits – same effort.
Join TAB here:

The Downliner:
The Downliner has been designed to be the most user friendly site for
cooperative traffic and you can have your site in the system in the
next 3 minutes. You can even earn commissions from anyone your refer
to the site. So start today and stop wasting your time with
costly options!
Join free here:

Last but not least ListSurfing: Both an Ad exchange and a safelist. Same as Prosurf100, you login, surf just 50 pages and you get hits for a full month! Join ListSurfing here:

Well I guess that is it,

See you out there

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Morten Kristensen
Internet Marketing – That works


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