How I generate traffic, and what I use…

How I advertise, and more importantly where I advertise.

Short story is, I advertise my GDI team link where ever I can, as much as I can!

Long story: It does not matter where you advertise, no one knows where the
next referral is hiding 🙂 So advertise where you find it easiest to place your ads,
weather you place a banner, a text ad, surf a Traffic exchange or send out mailings
to a safe-list /mailer. Main thing is that you get your ad out there, and keep it out there!

I use a lot of services where I buy credits, or get monthly bonuses because of my
membership level etc.

I mainly use TrafficAdBar to get double exposure. I have added my GDI site to my
Trafficadbar account and is promoting it ( looks like this )
Every time I show that link in a traffic exchange, I get a portion of my credits used back.

It´s free, but the upgrades there are great, but expensive!

Have a look:

Another one I use more or less in the same way is TE-JV. With TE-JV you get to promote a
page like this: by doing so, you earn credits you can spend
on having your GDI team link shown on lots of different traffic exchanges, great exposure great system… If you like me is serious, you can even purchase a down-line, and upgrade your account to earn even more hits, for the same amount of work!

Have a look at TV-JV here:

Another great one, that I have been a member of since they launched is Cooperative Marketing Group, it is actually a Traffic exchange on steriods 🙂

Every once in a while, they BLAST your site to 300 + advertising sources – A blast can easily  use up 5000 credits in one day! Unfortunately those does not occur every day. Surf to get credits,  upgrade or purchase credits.

Have a look here:

Last one I will like to add at this time is Legacyteamcoop, all in all much like Traffic2prosperity, I joined it to get even more exposure!

Have a look here:

Okay … LAST one!

This is the absolute greatest tool for anyone surfing, mailing or advertising online…
With this you will never loose another referral due to not haveing entered you ref id in a downlinebuilder. It lists 800 + traffic exchanges, safelists, mailers and other helpful tools .. you will even find GDI in there!
You owe it to yourself to at least have a look:

(If you are really serious, you could join the sister site of Downlinebuilderelite and get a ton of credits every month…
Paid only but have a look at what you get: )

That is it for me this time …

If you choose to join any of the listed sites.. activate your account and sent me an email with “I joined – gimme gimme”
– And I will sent you some kind of reward to your account!

Thanks again, enjoy your summer!

To Our Success!

Morten Kristensen
Internet Marketing

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