Step 4 – Coop Traffic

GET  YOUR  SITES  SEEN – Traffic Coop´s

First of  you need to be aware what link you should promote.

There is a very simple way of actually generating both income,
and extra traffic – And it won´t cost you anohter DIME!

This is your gold, the backbone of your (new) bussiness.
Traffic, everyone needs traffic, the more the better… Are you tired of clicking up credits from the massive amount of traffic-exchanges out there, Traffic coop´s might be something for you to look into.

TrafficAdBar: Another great tool, for advertising your sites. Advertise your site, showing the TrafficAdBar, and get your site listed within TrafficAdbar. Stunning results.
Join here:

Once you have joined, you will need to create a link
for your  business, once done it will look like mine:

To set it up you login to your trafficadbar back office
and click on  “> Websites” in the left hand menu, then choose
“> Your websites”. You are now in your website setup window.

From there you just choose add a website, and paste your unique link
in to the box, and enter some details about your site.

I have put the following in there:
Ad Title – Join GDI team elite today
Ad line 1 – We provide you with everything
Ad line 2 – you need to succeed.

Then just hit submit and you new link is created.

There are many, many coop exchanges out there, I have decided on the below 4:

The Downliner has been designed to be the most user friendly site for cooperative
traffic and you can have your site in the system in the next 3 minutes.
You can even earn commissions from anyone your refer to the site.
So start today and stop wasting your time with costly options!

Legacyteamcoop: Purchase as many credits you like, add your links, and assign your credits… As easy as that.
Join here:

TE-JV: Advertise a te-jv site, and have your site rotated on loads of other traffic exchanges. Great for starters, and professionals alike.
Join here:

Explovisetraffic: Advertise a Explovisetraffic site, and have your site rotated on loads of other traffic exchanges. You are also able to purchase credits that suits your needs.
Join here:

That is all for today. Tomorrow we will add another
free feature to your site. That over time also, will bring you
extra income.

Let me know if you have had trouble setting it up, and I
can send you a video explaining the procedure.

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Morten Kristensen
Internet Marketing – That works


HEADS UP. More to be added – NEVER buy more than you can afford, traffic is not = signups .