Step 7 – The Autopilot System

Do what I do, and start building huge downlines, while building an online income!
It really is so easy, that ANYONE can do it!

Just get started. Right NOW!

(All links below open in a new window)

Join TeamEliteHomebusinesses – upgrade is a low ONE time fee!

join Trafficadbar – for free

join ViralMailProfits – for free

Then Join, and think HARD about upgrading in TheDownliner

And here is where the MAGIC starts:

Login to TeamEliteHomebusinesses , click on “My Personal Info” on your top left!

Then click on “Capture Pages” find “TheDownliner” on your right!

Click and chose one of the ready made capture pages,
already setup with your autoresponder and referral link!

It will look like this:

Copy the link you found, should look like above,
BUT WITH YOUR TeamEliteHomebusinesses ID at the end!

(If you are familiar with html, css etc, you can take it a step further by using the
Advanced editing tools)

Then login to Trafficadbar, and “transform”–> going to your websites and add your capture page link from teamelitehomebusinesses, it will look like:
(the above link is created using the html editor at Teamelitehomebusineses, and then used as a custom page at TheDownliner)

Take the link created above and add it as a campaign in TheDownliner…
and You are DONE!

If you are a “mailing head” like me, you will also want to login at Viralmailprofits , and setup email campaigns there, making your ONE link build not 3 but 4 income streams and
huge downlines in all 4 programs!

If you are unsure how to do all this, let me know!

Keep in mind that you can use this system for any program, any place on the internet!

I know this will help you and You WILL get referrals
in all the above programs –
I have been using this method for about 3 years, and I have over 200 people in each of the programs – Stick with it, and it will grow…

BONUS info: Even as a free member at TeamEliteHomebusinesses, you can create
Great capture pages for any program you want to promote!

DonĀ“t miss out, let me know if you need help!

Have a great week!

Morten Kristensen
Internet Marketing

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