Step 5 – Viral Mailers

Mailers mailers mailers…

It seems they just pop up out of nowhere
almost daily. But what are they?

How can you make sure that joining a new one,
is the right thing to do?

Well the truth is: There is no right or wrong
when it comes to internet marketing.

Look at it this way;

Referrals are people just like you and me,
either looking for, or promoting an offer.
So it is quite a jungle… TBH

So it makes sense to have your ad show up
as many times in as many mailers as possible.

That can be done in two ways:
1. You upgrade in any mailer that pops up
and take the top upgrade, enabling you to mail
all members everyday.
(if you do not upgrade, you will never be able to click up
credits to mail them all everyday, trust me)¨

or 2, You join a program like Referral Frenzy, that
has over 200 lists, and you can mail them all
from one site. That is an unique feature.
and can really boost any ad you have.
(you will have to join the mailers within
referral frenzy, but you get enough mailing credits
with your Referral Frenzy membership to mail them all
atleast once a month)
Have a look at Referral Frenzy here:

Remember a few days back I talked about the vital
ingredients to any form of online marketing:


Once you have setup your links in Trafficadbar and
added your mailer(s) to Viralmailprofits and you are
ready to start your advertising. Thats it, You are
eady to start sending. If added correctly, the mailer
should pick up the TAG for FIRSTNAME and you LINK TAG.

I must say, that after I joined those two, everything just got
so much easier. I can now send mails to close to 400K people
within an hour… I bet that is what it takes a free member
of any mailer, just to click up the credits.

I know I did not fully cover mailers in this, but it´s
important to get the basics right, before starting up
on the wrong foot.

If you are really serious about your business, make sure you add
any or all of the above to your marketing arsenal.

Happy hunting 🙂

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Morten Kristensen
Internet Marketing

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