Step 2 – Adding banners

Yet another way to tell the world of you and your business opportunities existence, is by promoting banners. There is really not a whole lot to it, place your banner for the business opportunity you are promoting, and you are done… BUT… there are some places that give you even more than just banner views / clicks. I have listed a few of them here:

With Cash in on banners, you do not only get a whole lot of hits to your sites, but you can also earn a little money doing it. $10 lifetime upgrade, But I will upgrade you for free.

Viral Ad builder, is more or less the same as Cash In On Banners, but it´s bitcoin only.

This new Banner coop, is really a great way to spread your banners on 1000´s of ad networks, I have been getting really good results using this as a gold member. But again you may join for free also.

At some point it will be a good idea, to set up a banner rotator, by doing so, you are able to add one image URL and one link URL but having multiple banners rotate. A great and free tool for that is:

Here is an example of my banner with them:

My link to my banner image:
My link advertised with the banner:

Refresh page to see a different banner below:

See you at the top

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Morten Kristensen
Internet Marketing – That works…


HEADS UP! More to be added – Make Sure you test your banners before adding them!!