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What Royal Q Trading Automation is about is two things:

1.) Automation of your crypto trading that features Safety of Funds.

2.) An Affiliate business that works because the trading is so good.

You can choose to do automated trading only. You can choose to be an Affiliate only. Or, you can choose to do both.

The automation features the Safety of Funds that is achieved by Royal Q by using the API functionality of major international crypto exchanges (Binance, Huobi, and Coinbase Pro). Why is this significant? Because you never, ever lose control of your trading capital that is on one or all of those exchanges. You always maintain 100% control of your asset (your trading capital/principal) at all times. Nobody at Royal Q can touch your trading capital on one of those exchanges but you. Royal Q’s robot can trade into your account (you give this authority to Royal Q’s robot when you setup the API key, but you never give the authority to withdraw money – the only one with that authority is you).

The trading results (ROI) with Royal Q are excellent (see examples in this group and get with the person that invited you here and find out how you can explore the ROI of people using Royal Q).

This is particularly powerful for the busy person – once you have it set up the trading is completely automated. Now and then you have to top-up your wallet in your Royal Q app – that’s where you’re paying the 20% performance fee for the trading profits generated (only when your trader has created a profit for you). Where that profit is created is in your exchange account – and it stays there, along with your initial capital until and unless you decide to use it or withdraw it, which you can do at any time.

To get more details and to get your questions answered, visit our team website at: and watch the videos there – also you will notice an event calendar at the top that enables you to find out when lives events, activation events (setup of your system, affiliate trainings, etc. are occurring. Also, note that you can easily add that calendar to your Google calendar so all events will automatically be in your timezone on your Google calendar.

Lastly, since we’re all Affiliates here, it’s very helpful to know how you found us (who is the person that invited you here). Affiliates are building this business and are compensated when you activate your Royal Q account – and we want to be sure the correct person is compensated for your enrollment with Royal Q. Since many of us are doing paid advertising, it becomes more challenging to determine where someone new came from. We appreciate it if you can let us know how you found us. If you responded to an advertisement on Facebook, just let us know that and we can sort out whom you need to connect with (you should be receiving emails from them), but in any event, just let us know and we’ll get you connected and placed in the optimum position on our team. This will enable you to take advantage of team-building (Affiliate aspect) if you choose to do that.

If you are 100% sure that Morten Kristensen is the person who invited you, You can go ahead and register for your RoyalQ bot here:

Please let me know you either joined, or is interested, thank you!

Thanks for your interest in Royal Q and welcome to our TimefreedomTeam,
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Morten Kristensen
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