State of the Art Mailer

One Of The Largest And Most Active Mailers.

Hello Fellow Marketer,

With all the other launches, concepts, and new traffic
generation twists hitting the market, here’s some
straight forward data to chew on about one of the
largest and most active mailer on the net….


Let’s face it, every site owner has their own unique
twist on what makes their site the best and many
are great. But in the end, activity is king! Simply
put, if a website remains active over time, that’s
a winner you should upgrade on and stick with
because that is where the traffic is going!

All too often people chase “flash and crash” new
traffic programs only to be “out” that money when
it’s no longer active…. which sometimes could be a
matter of weeks. That’s just not smart money folks.

Check out that stats at State-Of-The-Art-Mailer!

1) Almost 500,000 credits are claimed daily.
2) Over 20,000 clicks happen every day.
3) An Alexa ranking consistently under 10,000
for years.
4) Full Page Ads are bought regularly and most
by repeat buyers!
5) Multiple 5 figure membership level.
6) Six figure commission payout since launch.
7) Millions of email clicks and banner views.
8) Ranked in the Top 5 Safelists via TrafficHoopla
for years.
9) Full disclosure of sites statistics so you know how
many members there are and how active they are.

Need I say more? You need to be in this!

Email Marketing Evolved!

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